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Posted on 28/04/13 11:38:17 PM
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Desk Drawer Chapter 4
Here is my Desk Drawer from Chapter 4. My wife says it is messy like all my real drawers.


Posted on 09/05/13 08:49:45 AM
Flying Dutchman
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Re: Desk Drawer Chapter 4
Some nice results Leon!
Learning Photoshop is doing Photoshop and you did quite a good job here with the objects. In future you could redo this assignment to see what you've learned over time. Judging your submit, I trust this must be the case.

Posted on 09/05/13 3:35:08 PM
Ingenious Inventor
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Re: Desk Drawer Chapter 4
Yes coming on very well Leon. Well done! Keep on going I like it.

(Its a very very side minor issue and probably just me or my eyes and brain. Its the dreaded perspective (for some). In this case just for the sides and front of the draw in my opinion. I think the quick solution is make the front have same interior material as sides and you might consider its perspective similar to sides. Just subjective and depends on imaginary "lens" used). Just a small thought, but at least I am looking

Posted on 10/05/13 06:55:47 AM
Steve Caplin
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Re: Desk Drawer Chapter 4
My main suggestion here is the same as I'd say to any Photoshop montage: avoid having anything square-on, as it makes it look fake. The ruler, ticket and coins would all look better if they were rotated a few degrees.

And perhaps make the drawer itself a lot smaller? Cluttered and cramped is good!

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