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Posted on 15/02/15 10:18:39 AM
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Measurements in 100% photoshop
What canvas size are you working with in this book? i cant find any indication of how large you make your creations during the tutorials.

Posted on 15/02/15 9:37:58 PM
Steve Caplin
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Re: Measurements in 100% photoshop
That's very much up to you. For small objects, just work at a size at which you can see everything that's going on, and at which you feel comfortable.

I worked at 4500 x 2894 pixels, but that's only because the artwork had to be the right size for the book dimensions at 300 pixels per inch. You probably don't need to work at such a large size.

Really, what I'm saying is that I don't want you just to use the same numbers that I did, because you won't learn what the tools are about that way. Work at any size you like, and set the numbers in the dialogs so that the image looks right. You have to trust your own judgment, rather than just copying the settings that I used.


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