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The Friday Challenge
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Posted on 25/08/23 02:36:21 AM
Renaissance Mariner
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Re: Challenge 968: The urban fox
michael sinclair wrote:
Michael nice action on the skateboarder. I think what David was getting at on the tied-up fox was that the fox, or should I say its head should be more connected with the ground...

Thanks Michael. I deliberately put the head shadow there to make the fox seem to look up towards the viewer. It was designed to emphasize the doleful look on the fox's face. The fur of the head and body is over-saturated, a mistake I often make. I could go back now and correct it but I have lost interest in this rather second rate picture.

Posted on 25/08/23 08:14:32 AM
Steve Caplin
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Re: Challenge 968: The urban fox
First to release the fox this week was lwc, with a charming appearance in front of the theatre. I like the way it sneaks into view, its low position avoiding having to make its legs move. I enjoyed the night vision image, with its subtle integration of the fox – good lighting.

Perfect positioning from Frank, the fox looking suitably threatening. Tucking it behind that tree places it firmly into the scene. Nice work.

A fine hunting scene from Ben Boardman, the fox barely visible beneath the bridge. Slightly confused by the Huckleberry Finn lookalike who appears to be dipping his fishing rod into a mud bank. But the pheasant is a good detail (you have to zoom in to see it).

Good lighting from DavidMac, with a resolutely urban fox. Somehow it feels rather detached from the pile of rubbish, rather than integrated into it; can’t quite put my finger on the problem. I enjoyed the second entry, with its truly startled cat. Perhaps a touch of reflection on the glass would help locate the fox outside the room?

A very urban scene from dwindt, and I like the low viewpoint. But you’ve made a classic error with the fox’s reflection: in reducing the opacity we can see the reflected bright light through it, which doesn’t make sense. The shadow must be as opaque as the fox. An extraordinary amount of manipulation in the second entry – remarkable work! But why is the hare leaning over like that? I think I prefer the unblurred version. The 3D render is truly extraordinary: so sinister, and so realistic. Outstanding.

A pub sign brought to life by Josephine Harvatt, elegantly achieved – the reworked blackboard is particularly impressive. Great lettering!

I’m a little confused by michael sinclair’s entry. It appears that you’ve taken a video of a fox and turned it into a GIF – is that right? And as you say, the static Pond 5 patch doesn’t really work. Not sure I understand what took you so long.

A classic hunting scene from tooquilos, in a splendidly ornate frame. I like the way it escapes the picture in the animated version – and ducking behind the poppies is a good move.

I was wondering how Mariner would approach this week’s Challenge, and must admit that putting the fox on a skateboard never occurred to me. Neatly rearranged legs, and a good sense of speed. And I was amused by the second entry, with the trussed legs – chickens’ revenge? But perhaps the lighting is too strong on the fox.

Only British Hotchippers will understand Ant Snell’s entry, featuring 1970s TV star Basil Brush – and I’d completely forgotten that Bernard Woolley started off as his sidekick. Cute!

Posted on 25/08/23 08:31:33 AM
Renaissance Mariner
Posts: 2855


Re: Challenge 968: The urban fox
Thanks Steve. Bring on the next.

Posted on 25/08/23 08:43:19 AM
Director of Photoshop
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Re: Challenge 968: The urban fox
Steve Caplin wrote:
Perhaps a touch of reflection on the glass would help locate the fox outside the room?

Duh! Of course .........

The subtlety and conviction of any Photoshop effect is invariably inversely proportional to the number of knobs on it .......

Posted on 25/08/23 09:03:20 AM
Realism Realiser
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Re: Challenge 968: The urban fox
Thanks Steve.
The rabbit is leaning because it is in motion, hence the blur in the first image of the 2 in the garden. Its hind paws are hard to distinguish but you can just make out the right hind paw alongside the right foreleg.
Due to the amount of vegetation, it is hard to see all the debris flying around. I put the blur in to try and capture a sense of motion.

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence because there is more $hit there.

Posted on 25/08/23 11:47:46 AM
Eager Beaver
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Re: Challenge 968: The urban fox
Thanks Steve - now off to light a fire.

Posted on 25/08/23 6:58:50 PM
Hole in One
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Re: Challenge 968: The urban fox
Making that foxes legs move properly would take a supreme effort on my part... keeping them out of the image was the best way for me to go.

Thanks Steve...!

Posted on 26/08/23 03:36:59 AM
Wizard of Oz
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Re: Challenge 968: The urban fox
Thank you Steve

Wicked Witch of the West: I'm melting! I'm melting!

Posted on 29/08/23 11:18:19 AM
josephine harvatt
Gag Gadgeteer
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Re: Challenge 968: The urban fox
Cheers Steve! I dont use the pen/mouse very often but its very handy when I do

I'm not really bad - I just draw that way
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