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Posted on 18/11/05 11:13:08 AM
Steve Caplin
Posts: 6688

Friday Challenge: best practice
We all like to see people taking part in the Challenges - it is, after all, what they are there for. Please don't feel you have to be of an 'acceptable' standard to take part: all entries are equally welcome. Inspiration is valued more than technique! It's not a competition: you won't be judged against other members, but on your own ability.

Recently, it seems, the aim seems to have been to create as many images as possible, often at the cost of quality and imagination. These images are normally stored on the server and each time someone accesses the page, they have to be downloaded. This can use an awful lot of bandwidth and eventually, as the numbers grow, it could get out of hand - not to mention expensive. So please, try to create that one masterpiece, rather than ten for the sake of it.


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